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Center for Diversity and Global Engagement

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Welcome to the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement's (CDGE) Wikki space.This space is used to share information and resources related to our events with the College community.

Click on the links below for Spring 2013 event information

1. Martin Luther King Day Celebrations
2. 2013 I-Seminar Series
3. Posing Beauty

The Center for Diversity and Global Engagement (CDGE) is a strategic initiative at the College of Wooster. The Center is a collaborative and innovative force for inclusion and global engagement. We foster a multidimensional and multidisciplinary learning community. We embrace our shared and distinct histories and empower excellence. We encourage sustained dialogues and welcome change, with their attendant discomfort, creating new resources that reveal unexpected connections between individuals and groups. Our activities result in action to promote inclusion and social justice. 

Please visit our blog for news. Our calendar is linked here.

Location: Babcock Hall, 1315 Beall Avenue on the College of Wooster campus.

Click on the link below for event information for 2012 

  1. Views of Arab America
  2. Columbus Day: Legacy Of Discovery Or Cruelty?
  3. Inclusive Conversations on GLocal engagement
  4. I-Seminar 2012
  5. Problems and Prospects for Peace in South Asia
  6. RePlay for Kids Workshop

Archived Events

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