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, Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pharos?

Pharos is a print management solution created by Pharos Systems International and currently used at Wooster. After selecting a printer, users get a Pharos popup that requests a username and password. Students must put a username and entering a password is optional. Swiping your COW card at the release station next to the printer you selected will print the document. Faculty and staff members using Pharos must enter a username and password and also select a cost center to release a print job.

Public Copying and Printing Locations

Public printing and copying is available in Andrews Library (CoRE), Kauke Hall, Timken Science Library, Taylor Hall, and the Wired Scot.

  • Andrews Library (CoRE) has two Ricoh Aficio MP 4002sp copiers and one Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn color printer on the main level in CoRE. The poster printer is also located in this area (however, the poster printer can only be operated by trained technicians.  Learn how to request a poster on our poster printing page).
  • Kauke Hall, Room 200 (the Student Lounge area) has one Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn color printer.
  • Timken Science Library has two Ricoh Aficio MP 4002sp copiers and one Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn color printer, located just behind the circulation desk.
  • Taylor Hall, Room 205 has one Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn color printer.
  • The Wired Scot has two Ricoh Aficio MP 4002sp copiers and one Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn color printer.

Student Printing Allocations

Each student at the college is given a printing allocation based on class year. Students with first-year and sophomore standing will be given a printing account of $60.00 per semester. Juniors will receive $75.00 and seniors will receive a $100.00 per semester. Once their account limit is exceeded, students must add to their printing accounts by depositing funds to their printing accounts at the Financial Services counter at the Wilson Bookstore, located in Lowry Center.

Installing Printers on a Personal Computer

Campus community members have the option to install public printing queues on their personal computers. After setting up a print queue, users can send a document directly to the release station. Instructions for doing so can be found on our Information Technology website.

For setting up public printers on Mac OS X and Windows, go to our Software Downloads page and click the "Pharos Popup, Pharos Notify, & Printer drivers" section. Then, download the appropriate Installer package for your operating system.

Duplex Printing

Public printers on campus are configured to support duplex, or double-sided printing. To duplex in Windows XP, select "Print" and then a specific public printer. Click the "Properties" button and then the "Print Setup" tab. Here you will find the duplexing option, with the choices for single sided, short edge, or long edge duplexing.

To duplex in Mac OSX, select "Print" and choose a printer as usual. From the drop-down menu that says "Copies & Pages," select the "Layout" option. This preference pane contains the options for duplex printing.

Color Printing

In addition to printing and copying units, the College provides public color printers for campus community use in CoRE, Kauke 200, Taylor 205, The Wired Scot, and in Timken Science Library. These printers are Ricoh Aficio SP C430dn models.

Printing & Copying Costs

For 2015-16, per page costs for standard printers and copiers across campus, except for Office Services and Poster Printing, are:

Black & white print, per impression: $.05

Color print, per impression: $.15

Poster Printing

Technology Services prints posters for student academic assignments and faculty and staff projects. For additional information visit the Instructional Technology poster printing page.

How do I order toner, paper and other supplies?

Toner, paper, and staples for copiers and printers may be ordered on the Technology website, located on the Request Forms page. Orders will be filled within one business day.

To whom should questions, comments and concerns be addressed?

Copiers and printers are maintained through Technology Services. To report a problem or if you have a question, concern, or comment, please contact Technology Services at extension 4357 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. From off campus, you can call 330-287-4357.

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