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Backing Up Your Course

To move your course from one woodle server to another, you will first need to create a backup of the
existing course.

1. Navigate to the course you would like to use material from.  Courses taught in the 2007-08 through the 2010-11school years will be available at, courses taught in the 2011-12 school year will be available at, and courses taught in the 2012-13 school year will be available at

2. In the administration block (usually found in the left-hand column) select BACKUP. 
3. Select the information that you would like to include in your course backup:

  • Mark which modules and/or activities you would like to keep in your backup file. My recommendation is to mark all activities so that you don't miss anything---you can always delete activities after you have transferred the course.
  • Mark the user data, if any, that you would like to include. If you are just wanting a freshcopy of your course on the new server, you probably won't want to include any user data. However, if you have added actual posts to your forums as starters for student discussion, you may wish to include the user data from the discussion forums.
  • For most courses, select No for Metacourse. Only select Yes if you have set up this course as a Metacourse; if you're not sure, then your course is probably not a metacourse.
  • For Users, select None---unless you have users in your existing course that you wish to move to your new server.
  • If you are not taking user data, then I would select No for Logs and User Files as well.
  • Do select Yes for Course files so that your course backup will have any documents, images, audio, and other files you have included in your course
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Continue.

4. The next screen details information related to your backup. At the top of the screen, the name of the backup file is displayed. You can change the file name, but you'll notice that the file name does include useful information about the time and date that the backup file was created---useful if you create additional backups in the future. At the bottom of the screen, click Continue.

5. The next screen displays information about the backup process. At the bottom of the screen, watch for the phrase Backup completed successfully and then click Continue.

6. Now you will be taken to the backupdata folder in your woodle course files; here you should see the backup file you've just created. To move your course to the new server, you will have to download the backup file to your computer so that you can then upload it to your new woodle site. To download the backup file, you can right-click (or Ctrl-click on Mac) on the name of the backup file and then select Save Link As (or Save Target As on Internet Explorer). Save the backup file so that you can find it to upload to your new woodle site. :)

Restoring Your Course

After you have created the backup file for your course, you are ready to transfer it to the new server and restore it.

1. Log in to your new woodle site ( On your new woodle site, we are looking for a place to upload and restore your course backup file.

a) If you have an existing course on your new woodle site, you can use the Restore option there for the next step.
b) If you do not have a course and do not have course creator privileges, then you will need to work with your woodle administrator to upload and restore the course.

2. Once you are in your course on your new site, you are ready to upload the course backup file and restore it. To begin this process, click on Restore in the Administration block of your course; this step will take you to the backupdata folder of your course.

3. Next, click on the Upload a file button so that you can upload the backup file from the course you are attempting to transfer. Use the Browse button to locate and select the backup file you saved to your computer. Once the file has been identified, click Upload this file.

4. After the file has finished uploading, then you will be returned to the backupdata folder, where you should now see the backup file you've just uploaded. To the right of the file, you will see a link to Restore; click that link to begin the restoration process.
Note: If the file didn't upload successfully, check the size of the file to make sure that it doesn't exceed the limit (100 mb). If the file does exceed the limit, talk with your instructional technology liaison about alternatives.

5. As the restore process begins, you will be asked to confirm that you want to continue. Click Yes.

6. The next screen provides information about the data included in the backup file. At the bottom of the screen, click Continue.

7. At the top of the next screen, you will identify where you would like this course to be restored. If the course you are working in was merely a shell to restore your course, then you can select Existing course, deleting it first. If you would like to keep what you have in the current course, but add the contents of the backup course to it, then select Existing course, adding data to it. On the remainder of the screen, you have the option to select which modules or activities you would like to restore. If your goal is to transfer the course exactly as it existed on the previous server, then you will want to leave all of these options checked.
At the bottom of the screen, click Continue.

8. On the next screen, complete the process by clicking Restore this course now! The next screen will detail the process. At the bottom of the screen, click Continue and you will arrive in your newly transferred course!

(instructions adapted from: )

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